The irresistible cuteness of Mitsumine Mashiro

Enjoy this… collection while we wait for the new season.

4bc5604d46aac31765448c88611521fdc285ab45 915c664922f962372378ab13feb7686e7be836e0 77009cc2ad69e97857084bab7afae81c2b28d476 6057c40ad5292208ce37023cf3076da5e4e31a6e 061aee0adb066705da4f411cf58c6a4712382bf1 06990260f0f43b2db84c9b4ff050f9fc9aa8078c a270da55cce95a0b3f030bc0f6e6d8745ea30414 db102fff6ee4d0f303be3b3b08ad9d7bd982ecb8 edb0356db5f936de8062bdeb932c377d9f4b9f4c e3098726fa2558dcbd402bc744b247de584ebb6fRawr!

In other news, our team have finished deciding what we want to sub this summer, and will update ya’ll after “feasibility studies” are completed.


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