Episode Status

STATUS: last updated 24 Oct 2018

19+20 were released previously and will be re-released with the batch, check mirrors of nyaa, or the deadfish re-encode for the old version. All our previous releases are still being seeded and can be found on nyaa’s mirrors.

21+22 done and awaiting release

23 has been translated and edited, being timed, and will need QC

24 currently with the translator

edit in progress.JPG

Proof that we are not dead

The previous episodes have been pulled as part of the change of releaser, but will not be re-uploaded until later as there are some things we want to fix in a batch, and every episode will need to be fixed. If you need them NOW, they still exist on nyaa’s many mirrors.

We are reorganising our group and making some back-end changes, but the actual subbing has been continuing.

There has been some changes in the anime scene of our releaser’s country (blocking nyaa, more surveillance etc), and therefore the need to abruptly switch releasers. In future, we no longer rely on a single person to do the release.

We will also be changing domains so cabbagesubs.com will not work for now, we may use the same or get a different one, but cabbagesubs.wordpress.com will always work.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

For those not familiar with fansubbing, our workflow is:

Translate > Edit > Time and typeset > Quality check > Encode > Release

Each episode usually takes 7-14 days, with more than one episode being worked on at a time in different stages. For instance, while ep20 was being edited, our translator was already working on 22.


Note that this post will be deleted once we are completely up and running again.

1 thought on “Episode Status

  1. NEET1.0

    Glad to hear you’re continuing! I was getting worried when you suddenly deleted all your torrents and wiped any reference to them from this blog.



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